52417-lgWiFi is a system which allow you to access to a wireless internet without any charge. When an exterior antenna for your WiFi is mounted it’s able to cover large surface area mostly to offices, hotels, personal building and institutions offering the users the free wireless internet. High performance and efficiency is obtained only when the WiFi is fixed high and on the correct position which is away from destructive trees and buildings. There is linking between outdoor aerial and coaxial connector which is situated on the back of the router, this connection is done by coaxial cable which is 75-ohm. The disc assist you to converge the radio waves into antenna which absorb them. The biquad type of antenna mount is the best since it has minimal errors and its performance is proofed to be good.

During the antenna process some procedure must be followed to get the better results. First locate the position which is free from any obstruction which may hinder its efficiency also you should make sure its installed at the central point of the required area to be covered. According to http://www.data-alliance.net/rp-sma/ , the leader on wifi equipment. The surface which the WiFi antenna is fixed should be rigid and permanent to avoid it tilting hence losing the waves. Secondly without connecting the two, you run the cable from exterior antenna to the router then you place the antenna bracket against the position you have chosen and using pen mark on the holes of the bracket while maintaining the vertical position of the antenna.

Using a masonry drill you bore the holes and position correctly so that it can just fix the screws and wall plugs easily. With the help of the screw driver you just tighten the screws after inserting the wall plugs. Make sure the bracket and exterior antenna is firmly attached to each other and the wall then connect the cable. All instructions is recommended by the antenna manual should be followed to avoid errors and to increase its durability. Finally you can now connect the external antenna to the router and using any device which support signal of the WiFi as smartphone or laptop then test its coverage and discoverable.

There are basic needs required in mounting WiFi antenna. This include wall screws, Router with output external antenna, coaxial cable which come with recommended connectors, screwdriver, Antenna mounting bracket, pen and masonry drill. When mounting the antenna and for future safety, the cables connector should be sealed with silicone tape to assist in weatherproofing hence avoiding risk of short circuit incidences moreover the shorter cable used in linking router and antenna mount is the best since the signal is passed with short period of time hence avoiding degradation. Mounting of WiFi is the best decision to the current world since you can access almost everything through wireless internet nowadays so with this system you are updated to new and latest technology. Here is the best way to go!